Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology
Africa is increasingly becoming a key player in acquiring, generating and applying knowledge to development challenges. Yet more needs to be done to make innovation play its part in the quest for transformation and diversification of the African economies. Sustained support to help member States put in place a favorable innovation environment to address their pressing needs is required, such as green economy, industrialization, job and wealth creation.

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Our focus 

Building on the experience of the implementation of the African Information Society Initiative and the African Innovation framework, ECA is focusing on assisting African countries and Regional Economic Communities (RECs)  in the formulation, adoption and implementation of new technology and innovation policies that will help them accelerate the transformation process to improve the competitiveness of their firms, the welfare of their citizens, including ensuring their collective and individual security.  

ECA also conducts research on national and regional innovation systems, technology transfer and on new and emerging technology likely to support economic transformation, and in key areas such as agriculture and social service delivery, where innovations and new technologies can support economic transformation and human resource development. 

Measurement being key to ECA’s deliverables, we envision measuring the economic, social, political, and security impact of  technologies and innovation process.