Formulate policy options to accelerate economic diversification and job creation for the transformation of Africa

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  • Formulate macro and fiscal policy options for accelerated growth and stability
  • Articulate policies on public institution-building
  • Develop governance policies for inclusive and sustainable growth
  • Provide advice on the management of public enterprises
  • Endogenize the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063
  • Build bridges for collaboration with all international financial institutions, other United Nations agencies, and the African Union

Other Strategic Directions

ECA analytical capabilities
Build on the unique position and privilege of ECA to foster local responses and adapt global solutions to the continent’s problems
Innovative financing models
Design and implement financing and leverage models for the development of human, physical and social infrastructure assets
Regional and subregional transboundary initiatives
Support ideas and actions to foster deeper regional integration, and the development of regional public goods, with a focus on peace, security and social inclusion
Continental ideas at the global level
Advocate for the common position for Africa at the global level and develop regional responses as a contribution to global governance issues