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High Level Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals

Financing Sustainable Development Goals in Senegal
27 June, 2019

The capital of Senegal, Dakar hosts on June 27, a high-level workshop on the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Senegal. Diverse actors and development experts will discuss key issues for implementing the SDGs; To this end, they will analyze the bottlenecks that hinder the success of these objectives. To this end, they will assess financing issues and obstacles to achieving the SDGs in Senegal.

This initiative of the African Institute of Economic Development and Planning (IDEP) and the United Nations Investment Agency-UNCDF, aims to contribute to the reflections on the obstacles to financing the objectives of sustainable development in Senegal and to give the elements of analysis, perspective and common approach for decision-makers and development actors in the country. This high-level meeting, an opportunity for reflection and sharing of knowledge, will allow participants to focus on identifying and defining strategies, capacities and innovative financing mechanisms and tools needed to mobilize resources for financing and operationalization of the SDGs.