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Overcoming external challenges to successful implementation of AfCFTA: how helpful are bilateral economic/trade arrangements?

27 April, 2021 to 29 April, 2021
Online / 12:00 – 17:00 Hours GMT

This roundtable is to discuss and develop a policy framework that can guide the AfCFTA Secretariat on the best way to respond to the challenges posed by the various arrangements with external actors. This Proposal sets out the format of the Roundtable to be organised.

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Objectives of the Roundtable

  • To identify and analyse the present and ongoing Economic/Trade Agreements between African countries, the EU, the USA, RECs, post-Brexit UK, China, Turkey and India etc.
  • To analyse the possible implications and impacts of the impact and consequences of these arrangements on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement
  • To determine the capacity of state parties in managing the effects of third-party agreements and compliance with the terms of the AfCFTA
  • To develop a Policy Framework to be managed by the AfCFTA Secretariat, African Union, RECs and the State Parties responding to the possible spillover effects of the arrangement on the AfCFTA.

The Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in partnership with Carleton University, Canada and Pan African Strategic & Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG) will respond to the key objectives set out above through in-depth analysis by experts from different regions of the world. It will bring experts on trade, eonomics and arrangements from the Institute of African Studies, Carleton University, Centre for Trade Policy and Law, Carleton University, Centre for Trade and Economic Integration, Graduate Institute, Geneva, African Union, and RECs. 

Concept Note

Draft Programme