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How can AfCFTA implementation change African agricultural and food trade?

How AfCFTA implementation can change African agricultural and food trade?
A joint event by ATPC and ABEE sections of ECA and IFPRI
24 February, 2021
Online || 16:00 EAT / 13:00 UTC

Trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement began January 1st, 2021, launching the world’s largest free trade area by the number of State parties. Yet many questions about its impending impacts on agricultural sectors, commodities and supply chains remain largely unanswered. Will the AfCFTA remove all barriers to agricultural trade in Africa?  Which barriers will persist? And who will be most impacted by the changes? Will the AfCFTA accelerate African agricultural development processes?

Based on extensive analysis of recent intra-African trade trends reported in the annual African Agricultural Trade Monitor (AATM) 2020 and insight from trade experts, this webinar will explore how different agricultural sectors and regions can capitalize on the AfCFTA provisions to strengthen Africa’s food system, and improve livelihoods and food security. Presenters will give an up-close view of the AfCFTA negotiation process and the outstanding negotiation issues, discuss how AfCFTA aligns with existing development goals in Africa’s CAADP, Malabo and AU Agenda 2063. They will discuss how to make implementation of the AfCFTA Agreement most beneficial to the agriculture and food sector actors.


Francis Mangeni, Head of Trade Promotion and Programs, AfCFTA Secretariat

Antoine Bouët, Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Trudi Hartzenberg, Executive Director, Trade Law Centre (TRALAC)

Anthony Nyame-Baafi, Former Chief Negotiator of Ghana

Lucy Muchoki, CEO, Pan-Africa Agribusiness

Moderated by David Luke, Coordinator of the African Trade Policy Centre (ATPC)

at the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA)


This is a participatory event in both French and English.

**Attendance is limited; please register in advance at:

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