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ECA, Egypt carry out join training on taxation issues to help finance recovery in Sudan

9 December, 2021
ECA, Egypt carry out join training on taxation issues to help finance recovery in Sudan

Cairo, 9 December 2021 (ECA) – The ECA Office for North Africa and the Ministry of Finance of Egypt concluded on 9 December 2021 in Cairo a five-day capacity building workshop on tax auditing for the benefit of the Sudan Taxation Chamber. 

The fourth of a series of workshops, the training sought to help the Sudanese tax administration to raise sufficient revenues to support public services by promoting the transfer and exchange of best practice between Egyptian tax experts and Sudan Taxation Chamber officials.

“The Sudan Taxation Chamber has the potential to increase tax revenues from 4.7% of Gross domestic product to 15% in the coming two years” said Khaled Hussein, Chief of Sub-regional Initiative Section at ECA office for North Africa.

This edition of the training focused on income and VAT tax audit issues in the mining sector, gaps and how to address such issues accurately and efficiently.

Previous editions sought to provide solutions for more efficient tax administration operations, technical assistance on emerging tax administration issues, developing and modernizing audit methodologies, tax exemption management, modernization of taxation services through digitalization, and the training of auditors and inspectors in charge of reviewing key economic sectors such as telecommunications, oil, mining, cement and contracting.

Workshop participants are expected to transfer their expertise and knowledge to other officials within the Sudan Taxation Chamber.

Over the last year, Sudan has been one of the ECA office for North Africa countries of focus, with several trainings and workshops organized to help the country strengthen its efficiency both on taxation and regional trade issues, and to make the most of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).


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