Journalists learn ways to catalyze integration of climate information into economic planning

Yaounde, Cameroon (ECA) - On the 25 June 2018, the African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the École supérieure des sciences et techniques de l’information et de la communication of Cameroon (ESSTIC), launched a two day training of journalists on mainstreaming of climate information and services in planning and economic development processes in Yaoundé, Cameroun. The training aims to equip participating journalists with teaching tools and skills in the dissemination of climate information and services.

About thirty journalists are participating in this training centered on "the use of the e-learning platform on climate information and services mainstreaming in the planning and economic development processes".

The journalists participating in this workshop will be informed on the need to cover and mainstream climate information and services in the media offer to rapid changes in climate information and its use by policy makers and practitioners.

The workshop will build a critical mass of communicators to advocate and sensitize legislators, decision-makers, the private sector, investors and other stakeholders on the issue and role of Climate and Climate Information Services (CIS) in development planning processes.

The training will focus on the use of the training module designed by ECA in partnership with UNITAR. It will lead to the creation of a national network for CI and CIS use in development planning, policies and programs.

In Africa, critics say, critical economic sectors are very vulnerable to the impacts of seasonal variability and climate change. Climate information services or the presentation and dissemination of climate information for the benefit of specific users remains essential to support Africa's response to climate change.

The Weather and Climate Information Services for Africa (WISER) was designed by the UK Department for International Development (DfiD) in 2015 to facilitate the uptake of climate information by policy makers and vulnerable groups especially young people and women. Its pan-African component is led by the African Center for Climate Policy (ACPC), which is a hub for demand led knowledge on climate change in Africa.

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